International and interregional

socio-cultural Programme

«BRICS People Choosing Life»

India (2022), Russia (2023-2024), Brazil (2025), Iran (2026), South African Republic (2027)



Moscow, Moscow region, Tver region, Samara region, Altai Krai



of the International creative youth contest

«BRICS People’s Anthem»

Slogan: «The Morality of a nation is the most powerful spiritual bond»        Dmitry Likhachev

«The principle aim of the art lies in testifying and externalising the truth about the human soul… Art is a microscope that an artist points at the mysteries of his or her soul, exposing to people these universal enigmas»

Lev Tolstoy, Russian writer and philosopher

General provisions

The anthem will be created within the framework of the cultural-educational track of the International and Interregional Socio-Cultural Programme «BRICS People Choosing Life» in the format of the multilateral Youth music and poetry Contest, which will take place in 2024, the year of Russia’s BRICS chairmanship, in Moscow, Moscow region, Tver region, Samara region and Altai Krai, with Indian, Brazilian and South African creative youth participation.

The project is implemented by the Regional Public Organisation «BRICS. World of Traditions» and People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University named after Patrice Lumumba) with the assistance from Rossotrudnichestvo in partnership with the Russian Houses in BRICS countries.

The project is aimed at strengthening the social and humanitarian cooperation between young generations of the participating countries, as well as popularising the BRICS states’ national cultures united by the commonality of views on such unshakable values as kindness, friendship, mutual respect, trust, accord, justice, patriotism.

The participants of the contest are to create a common Anthem representing a wide range of ideas and values that they themselves and their country, in particular, intend to demonstrate to the world.

Aims of the Project:

  • Bringing together BRICS artistic youth to create a common Anthem as a musical and poetic missive to the world, reflecting the desire of the BRICS countries youth for unity and containing a wide spectrum of ideas, thoughts, and values which the youth seeks to show to the world on behalf of the union’s peoples;
  • eliciting and developing creative abilities of young people of BRICS states for the sake of moral and patriotic education of the young generation;
  • popularising cultural, educational, historical and other peculiarities and traditions of the BRICS countries;

           The Anthem will contribute to supporting the Russian image on the BRICS, as well as global multilateral platform, straightening BRICS partnership via expanding and enhancing humanitarian and business cooperation.

          Period of project implementation: March 15-December 20, 2024.


              Rules of the Contest:

  1. Dates: March 15 to September 30, 2024
  2. Participants: authors of poetry and music (both amateurs and professionals) from the regions of the Russian Federation, the states of the Indian Republic, the states of the Federal Republic of Brazil, provinces in the Republic of South Africa aged 14 to 35 years inclusive, who are students of universities in the field of arts and humanities, conservatories, music and creative schools.
  3. Venue (platform) for organising and holding the Contest: to be agreed separately with each country and the Russian region participating in the Program.
  4. Works submitted to the Contest:
  • musical compositions
  • poetic works
  • thematic videos, audio materials with musical and poetic recordings
  1. 5. The Contest will be held in two nominations:

Nomination «Young Composer»

Works created in any genre, yet taking into consideration the song traditions and cultural characteristics of the participating countries, are accepted to the competition.

Nomination «Young Poet»

Compositions in the format of four verses and four similar refrains successfully set on the music are accepted to the competition. The placement of verses by language, country, region and other features is to be chosen by the competent Jury of the Contest

     6. Each participant may participate in both nominations, submitting one work in each one. Texts may be complemented with photos and videos, while musical compositions might be accompanied by audio and video materials.

    7. Stages of implementing the Project:

     The incipient stage: March 15 - 31, 2024

With the support from the regional Ministries of culture, Russian Embassies in India, Brazil and South Africa, as well as assistance from the Russian House the participating BRICS states will realise the following acts:

- Forming the squad of separate Organisation (initiative) groups in each participating country to register the Contest participants and gather Contest entries.

- Organising the Professional local jury in each country including representatives of creative jobs (poets, composers, filmmakers, actors, musicians), as well as art experts and culturologists for the selection of Contest entries.

- Forming the large International jury comprising famous musicians and poets of the participating countries (around 10 jury members).

Stage I (Including the incipient phase) - March 15 - June 30, 2024

1. Project invitation, including sending out the Contest Rules and the attached Participant’s Form and participants’ registration.

March 15 - May 31, 2024: composing a musical work for the Anthem and uploading the Contest entries to the Google-drive

2. Selecting three best musical compositions by the local international jury in each participating country and determining the best music version for the Anthem by the International music jury in the nomination «Young composer» – June 1-30, 2024.

Stage II – July 1-August 31, 2024

Writing the Anthem lyrics in the languages of the BRICS countries under the nomination «Young poet» and uploading the Contest entries to the Google-drive

  • The local jury of each participating country will select the three best poems which would be the most suitable for the selected version of the music for the Anthem;
  • The international jury, by a majority vote, will choose the best version of the combination of music and poetry for the Anthem proposed by the local juries of the participating countries, which will be played in the languages of the countries-participants of the project.

8. Two Winners of the Contest will receive the Gran Prix, Certificates of Honour, statuettes «Winner of the Contest «BRICS Peoples’ Anthem in the nomination «Youth Composer», «Winner of the Contest «BRICS Peoples’ Anthem in the nomination «Youth Poet».

The laureates of the Contest will be three participants in each nomination (six in total), whose musical and poetic works received the majority of votes from the members of the International Jury. They will be presented Certificates of Honour and statuettes «Laureate of the Contest «BRICS People’s Anthem» and memorable prizes.

The final stage of the Contest:

The Contest will culminate in the Anthem’s presentation, with the first performance taking place in Moscow, city of birth and incipience of the present. In December 2024, a festive gala concert will be held at one of the prestigious creative venues of the Russian capital, where the BRICS Youth Anthem of the will be performed by a combined choir of professional and amateur artists, including youth and student creative teams.

The gala concert of the Contest featuring the solemn ceremony of awarding the Winner and Laureates of the Contest, will mark the end of the Russian stage of the program «BRICS People Choosing Life», dedicated to the year of the Russian Federation’s chairmanship in BRICS.


Dear friends, we will be sincerely pleased with your participation in creating BRICS People’s Anthem!!!

The registration of Contest’s participants begins on March 15 through filling in the following Form:

Contact people for communicating with Russian and foreign participants of the Project on all matters:

Dmitry Kurbatov, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в браузере должен быть включен Javascript., +7 (967) 179-68-01;

Ksenia Grishina, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в браузере должен быть включен Javascript., +7 (916) 093-41-73.